Personal Injury

“Accidents Happen.” That is what we were all told as children. Unfortunately, in the real world, people can be seriously injured and even killed as a result of all types of accidents. When you or someone you love or care about is hurt or killed, and someone else is at fault, the WLG is here to help. Whether you are fighting with a large corporation, small business, your insurance company, or the insurance company of another, the Firm will help you get what you deserve.

The firm handles all types of personal injury and wrongful death cases, including matters involving:

  • auto accidents
  • aviation accidents
  • biking accidents
  • boating accidents
  • construction accidents
  • dog bites/attacks
  • drug defects
  • elder abuse
  • medical malpractice
  • product defects
  • premises liability
  • physical assaults
  • work injuries

Typical injuries include, but are not limited to:

  • amputation
  • back and neck injuries
  • brain injuries
  • broken bones
  • burns
  • head injuries
  • laceration
  • paralysis
  • spinal cord injuries